The nomadic and stock-farming history of Epirus offers unique prodacts and tastes. Dairy and meat prevail. Known is the Epirus feta, the galotiti, the kefalotiri, the vlachotiri, the sour milk, the xinomyzithra. Also, famous are the chosen recipes with the meat such as kleftiko and lamb with sorrel. And of course, pies with handmade sheet, stuffed with whatever you wish – zucchini, meat, chicken, cheese.
Each area, is an independent gastronomic destination, with its own specialities: shrimps in Amvrakikos, frogs’ feet at the island of Ioannina, the special sweet gianniotiko, milk-pie, cataifi, baklava, bougatsa. In Metsovo, you will try the cheese products, pasta, wine and rice pie. Known are the wines Zitsa, but also the water(the tablewater Vikos and Tzoumerka).

Ouzo, raki, mastic, tsipouro, wine, homemade liqueur. At the most famous drinks and liqueur of Greece, also add the beer. It has its own unique history, since the first factory producing malt was founded in 1864! Nowadays, small breweries allow Greece to produce their own fresh, unpasteurized, unfiltered beers.